Stream Reservation

Stream Reservation is being managed under IEEE P802.1Qcc.


P802.1Qcc:  Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) Enhancements & Performance Improvements


P802.1Qcc enhances the existing Stream Reservation Protocol with the addition of a User Network Interface (UNI) which allows for a centralized network configuration (CNC) entity. This CNC can then provide a centralized means for performing network calculus, scheduling and other configuration via a remote management protocol such as NETCONF or RESTCONF. A Centralized User Configuration (CUC) entity communicates to the CNC via a standard API. The CUC may be used to discover end stations, retrieve end station capabilities and user requirements, and configure TSN features in end stations.


P802.1Qcc still supports the fully distributed configuration model of the original SRP protocol. In addition, P802.1Qcc supports a “hybrid” configuration model allowing a migration path for legacy AVB devices.