Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)


TSN refers to a group of new standards that are being developed to provide deterministic performance within standard Ethernet.


The IEEE standards association is currently working to add Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) features to the existing standards for 802.1 and 802.3 Ethernet to provide deterministic performance.  When this work is completed, it will become practical to deploy standard Ethernet (with the TSN extensions) in real-time, mission critical applications.  A major driving force behind the development of these new TSN standards in the emerging Automotive Ethernet market.


To accomplish the goals for TSN, the IEEE standards work has resulted in a list of new or updated features proposed to be added to the Ethernet standard when TSN is finalized.  The list is shown in the box to the right.  Click on any of these to learn more.


Adding the new capabilities to Ethernet will require changes to the hardware design of Ethernet MACs and switches as well as new software.  Not all of these features will be required for all applications, but the capability to support all of these features will likely be required in future hardware and software.


When the new standards are completed, new semiconductor and software solutions will be available to allow Tier 1's and OEM's to integrate TSN into their automotive products.  


Analog Devices demonstrated TSN functionality for the first time in its silicon at the 2015 IEEE Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day in Yokohama, Japan in October 2015:






















For information on the availability of Starter Kits for early development and prototyping please click the link below: